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Performance Management

Motivating people at work is probably the single most important thing that any manager can do. The way that you deal with your people affects the daily output of your organisation and the overall effectiveness of your company.
This is the tool you use to motivate your people to work at their potential and to get all of them working together effectively.
Teamwork is the art of getting all of your people to work together effectively. Only when all of your people are pulling in the same direction can you trulyunlock their potential. In this course you will :

:: Learn about what motivates people to strive for excelence and just as importantly, what stops them,
:: Identify what style of team best suits your organisation,
:: Discover how to turn your people into a high performance team,
:: Use "Real World" tools to increase the motivation and teamwork in your business.

Approximate duration of this CD course : 2.5 Hours


This course has been carefully designed to deliver proven, effective training, coupled with a series of "real world" tools that help you to apply what you have learned to your business.

The Business Success series is suitable for professional managers of all levels, business owners and business students.

آموزش مهارتهاى ۷ گانه كاربرد رايانه براى اخذ گواهينامه ICDL:

:: آموزش نرم افزار و سخت افزار
:: آموزش ويندوز
:: آموزش Word
:: آموزش Excel
:: آموزش Access
:: آموزش PowerPoint
:: آموزش Internet و Email

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